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Last 10 years Projects

06 May 2013

1-      Preparation of Site for Pressure Boxes for Improved Tents in Mina 04/01/1423 H

2-         Operation and Maintenance Industrial City Makkah 01/08/1423 H

3-      Operation and Maintenance of Water network and Toilets in Muzdalifah at Hajj 1425-1426-1427H

4-      Flood Crossing Project at Kudayi and Muasem (Makkah) 1425 H

5-      Water and Fire Networks at Jamarat Bridge 1426 H

6-      Kudayi and Al Muaisem (Sheep’s) Project (Stand Filling Pipes) 1428 H

7-      Operation and Maintenance of Water network and Toilets in Muzdalifah at Hajj 1428-1429-1430H

8-      Fire Water Storage Tank Project in Muzdalifah 1429 H


9-      Different Works at King Abdulaziz (Waqf) 1429 H

10-   ZamZam Water Networks at Mass'a Makkah Holy Mosque 1430 H

11-   Drilling Well Water, Filtration Plants and Trans Line Project at Madinah AlMunwarah 1430 H


12-   Supply, Installation of Standby Generator Iwaa Centers at Arafat and Museum 1429 H

13-   Establishment of Main Sewage Line Discharge from Haddah & Sewage Station 1430 H

14-   Connection of Main Electric Line to Wadi Malkan Water Station 1430 H

15-   Supply & Installation of Standby Generator at Conference Main Hall at King Abdulaziz University Jeddah 1430 H

16-   Alkhair Bridge Services Works 1430 H

17-   Rabigh Water Network Project 1431 H

18-   Replacement of Sewage Pumps in AlQushasheya Pumping Station Haram 1431 H

19-   Ending the Ring Water Line no. 4 North Makkah and Connection it with Ring Water Line no. 3 Contract No. 18-A – Makkah 1432 H


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