Water Projects

Construction and replacement of all branches and main water networks of (ductile, ameron, plastic & stainless steel) with implementation of all appendixes as chambers, valves and etc... Construction and replacement of all home connections and appendixes required. ... read more


Sanitary drain and sewage projects

Construction and replacement all sanitary drain networks (main & branches) with all diameters from (ductile, clay & plastic) with implementation of all appendixes from chambers, valves, manholes and etc., Construction and replacement of all house connections and all appendixes.       ... read more


Construction projects

Implement all civil work which concern with water and sanitary drain, construction of bath rooms and toilets at holy Masha’er and construction of all pumping stations water purification. Implement all civil work, concrete work and finishing of building & villas (the establishment has previous glory work in this field) ... read more


Operation and maintenance projects

Operation and maintenance of all water and sanitary drain networks, pumping purification water stations, cleaning and maintenance of holy Masha’er toilets. ... read more


Lighting System

* Installation of lighting columns up to 30 m * The different sizes of range -extension cables (low voltage) * Supply and installation of distribution panels and electric start ... read more


Delivery of energy sources

* Installation and Extension of electrical transformers up to 33 kv voltage * Supply and installation of electrical distribution panels up to 33kV voltages, installation of medium voltage cables and fittings of cables ends. ... read more


Pumping and purification stations projects

Implement all type of (civil, mechanical, electrical) for all pumping stations to be used for water sanitary drain & purification. ... read more

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